Twinning Anecdotes

The first twinning event we attended was a wine tasting evening, at which we tasted the wines of the Loire region particularly those near Villedômer. What stands out in our memory was the warm welcome we received from Stapleford Twinners, some of whom have since become good friends. The wines also whetted our appetite to learn more about Villedômer and its region.

When we did arrive there on a family twinning visit, a warm welcome also awaited us. We had the good fortune to stay with a couple who had a rambling village house unlike anything we had seen in the UK.   It was furnished with big bold heavy country furniture, busy patterned floral wallpaper throughout and of course wonderful wooden shutters which shut the world out at night.

For us, the Twinning Association offers the opportunity of staying in a French home and experiencing what it is like to be French. For those who want to develop their language skills, this is where it can be done in a genuine everyday environment. For those who prefer to stick with their mother tongue no one is going to take exception and much fun can be had with alternative ways of communicating.

The Twinning exchanges also offer visits to places of interest, both historic and of leisure activities. Participation in these leads to a great sense of togetherness and of community spirit. It is impossible to take your leave without having a sense of what it is to be French. And I’m sure this is reciprocated when our French friends come to Stapleford.

by Carole and Bryan Davies

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