Progressive Supper

Stapleford Twinning Association

Progressive Supper

This very successful event was held on the 16th January 2016  for members and non-members.

30 people assembled for an aperitif before heading off to other hosts to enjoy a tasty three course meal.

The idea behind the evening was for small groups of people to work their way through three courses with different hosts and, sometimes, different members in the small group.

This enabled all 30 people who joined us for the ‘Progressive Dinner’ to meet everyone at some point in the evening and engage in conversation whilst enjoying a wonderful, tasty course which had been prepared by our generous hosts.

Everyone gathered together at the end of the evening for coffee at one of the home of one of the members of Stapleford Twinning Association. It was obvious from the conversations that everyone had had a great time and looked forward to the next time Stapleford Twinning Association hold another ‘Progressive Dinner’.


The evening would have been impossible if it hadn’t been for the generosity of people opening up their homes to both host one of the courses as well as provide culinary delights for those who participated in the evening.

Tony Hore
(On behalf of Stapleford Twinning Association)


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