2019 AGM Minutes


Annual General Meeting

Thursday 7 November 2019, 19:30

The Three Horseshoes, Stapleford


  1. Present: Jackie and Chris Bow, Tony Hore, Paul Tomson, Bryan and Carol Davies, Kate and Tim Jessop, Mary Cooper, Jill Gardner, Anand Pillai, Tony Smith, Louise and Andrew Graham, Gillian Pett, Peter Fane, Sophi Berridge.

Apologies for absence: Jeannie and Peter Green, Vijaya Pillai, Patrick Thouroude, Jim and Kathleen Foreman, Soraya Taraghi, Jane Steadman, Jo and Tom Robinson, Jean Hore.

  1.     Minutes of the AGM held on 27 November 2018

Accepted as correct.

  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

  1. Chairman’s Report (Jackie Bow: 2018/19)

Is it really AGM time again? What have we done this year?

  • Our first social event after last year’s AGM was a bring-and-share pre-Christmas Social, which is to be repeated in a couple of weeks’ time.
  • Twinners enjoyed a film with a bring and share supper at Soraya’s home. We enjoyed the film ’L’Appartement’ despite some feeling that it was not the genre of film they’d generally watch.
  • 26 April 2019: The History Society made Twinning the focus of one of its coffee mornings, and not long afterwards, the Village Café Team facilitated a memorable evening with a French theme at which villagers enjoyed the music of Djangophonix and an enormous range of delicious desserts. We were very fortunate to be the recipients of the profits from the event.
  • 24 to 27 May 2019: Biennial visit to Villedômer by thirty Stapleford twinners, celebrating forty years of Twinning, renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. (Vive le jumelage!) and where as always, we were wined and dined most generously. The weekend included a formal welcome by the mayor, the planting of a tree in memory of Twinners no longer with us and a visit to Chenonceau. For some there was a visit to Amboise where Leonardo da Vinci spent his latter days. On the final evening there was a dinner at the Château de Jallanges preceded by a stroll around its rose gardens. The evening culminated in a magnificent firework display.
  • 22 June 2019: Stapleford Village Show – as in previous years, Twinning had a stand and made a little bit of cash for the Association from our bottle-bola. Thank you for your donations and help!
  • 3o June 2019: Post Villedômer visit barbecue at Tony Smith’s, always a great occasion.
  • 21 July 2019: Reception and catered lunch to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Association at the Jubilee Pavilion where we had a wonderful time reminiscing with past and present Twinners. Four of our friends from Villedômer (Marie Claude, Gérard, Joël and Isabelle) flew over to Stapleford to join us for this special occasion. They were also entertained by a visit to the Genome Campus, a trip to the seaside, a barbecue (guess where?) and more eating and drinking!
  • 26 October 2019: social evening at the Johnson Hall, This took the form of a board games’ evening and supper. Event to be repeated with French visitors perhaps.

Next year’s visit will be on 2 and 3 May, when our French friends come to Stapleford. This is not the Bank Holiday weekend.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge the contribution to the Association of the late Nick Pett who was the treasurer of the Association in its first three years and a member for almost 40 years.

I would like to extend my thanks to Mary for her continued work on the Villedômer Garden, about which more later in the meeting, to the Village Estate Fund for the generous donation we have received, and of course-all the members of the Committee. They all work very hard on our behalf.

Thank you very much! Vive le jumelage!

Matters arising: Louise Graham reported that they were in Villedômer on 21 July, when we were celebrating the 40th anniversary of our link and she invited our French friends to raise a toast to Twinning.

  1. Treasurer’s Report and presentation of the 2018-19 audited accounts (Tony Hore)

Copies of the Audited Accounts have been distributed. You will see that we have made a profit this year which is the norm when we visit our friends in Villedomer. The loss shown for the 100 Club is misleading as the subscription year for this is different to the Association’s year. This is being addressed so that in the future the 100 Club year aligns with that of the Associations. In the coming year, the Association will also be promoting the 100 Club to those members who do not currently subscribe. The 40th Anniversary Lunch was a great success. Although this was not intended to make a profit, this was the outcome assisted by a grant of £300 from the Village Hall Estate Fund.

Although there was no Youth exchange this year, we did receive a grant of £250 from the Shelford Feast towards future expenditure. The Stapleford Village Café kindly organised a French Café event to mark our 40th Anniversary which raised the sum of £300.

Matters arising: The expenditure under visit was for the gifts of calendars given to the French and the bench. The £250 from the Shelford Feast was from a stall held in 2017. The calendars made £48 profit. It was requested that the accounts should be sent out before the meeting, even if unaudited, so that people could have more time to look at them.

  1. Casino Manager’s Report (Tony Hore)

As in previous years, this Casino Report covers the period from December 2018 to November 2019 not the Association’s Financial Year. Despite numerous efforts to secure Casino bookings this year, none have been successful. After a long discussion, the Committee felt that these were not now as popular as they had been in the past and therefore it was with great reluctance that the Association has decided not to continue with Casinos as a means of fundraising. In the spring, a stocktake of the equipment will be made with a view to selling off the various items if possible.

Can I on behalf of the Committee, thank everyone who has been involved and supported the Casinos over the last 40 years? Without you we would not have had the financial ability to entertain our French visitors over that period. As well as raising funds, they have also been a great source of fun for us. Demanding at times but still fun!!

7.Matters arising:

There was a request for a swan song casino, perhaps in The Three Horseshoes if licensing laws allow this. Paul reminded members that Graham Brown and Stewart Kerr had made much of the equipment. Tony H thanked Paul for his immense contribution to the running of the casinos and Jackie thanked Tony H for his work.

  1. Election of new committee members

All members of the committee were re-elected and joined by  Gillian Pett proposed by Mary Cooper and seconded by Tony Smith.

  1. AOB

Carole Davies asked for contributions to decorate the Christmas Tree.

Villedômer Garden: Jackie thanked John King for moving the plaque to Madame Poiget from the Recreation Ground to the Garden. She explained that the Parish Council was not able to help much with maintenance. Tony S. knows people who are interested in working in the garden and a work party was proposed for the Autumn. Gillian Pett, as a Parish Councillor, will look into replacing the tree in the middle of the Slaughterhouse Land.

Shelford Feast: Jackie explained that we did not apply for a donation this year because we did not have a youth visit. Carol felt we should talk to the committee to see whether they would consider giving us a grant next year.

A full year’s social programme: Kathleen had drawn up suggestions for a full year of social events. There was some interest in this but it would depend on people offering to organise and attend. All members should be asked by email to take responsibility for an event. Sophie Berridge offered to help with a French breakfast The whole programme could be put in the Messenger to show others what we do.

Better communication from the committee to all members was requested.

On behalf of the Association Chris Bow thanked Jackie as Chair –and all the committee for their efforts. All concurred with this.

The meeting closed at 20:30.


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