2018 Chairman’s Report

It hardly seems possible that it’s AGM time again!

Our first social event after last year’s AGM was a Bring and Share pre-Christmas Social, which is to be repeated in a couple of weeks’ time.

We held a French film evening at the Coopers Saturday 3rd February. We watched ‘French Cancan’ by Jean Renoir, in French with English subtitles:  ‘The legendary Jean Gabin plays Danglard, mentor to, and lover of, the stage stars of 1890’s Paris. When he discovers a naïve young laundress dancing in a nightclub he is inspired by her talent to revive the long-forgotten cancan in a show that the whole of Paris, rich and poor, will never forget.’  The story is based on the true story of the Moulin Rouge founder Charles Zidler.

In true twinning style, we had a Bring and Share supper.  We had a very relaxed and enjoyable evening.  We planned to hold a second film evening at Soraya’s home in March, but the weather was against us and this had to be cancelled.

This year it was the turn of Stapleford to receive our visitors from Villedômer.  They arrived on Friday 4th May and departed on Monday 7th May.  The weather was kind to us and we enjoyed a lovely weekend with our French visitors.  The programme included.

• A drinks reception in the Jubilee Pavilion followed by a hot meal.

• A day trip to Woburn Abbey & Gardens, including a Ploughman’s Lunch.

• A free day with an optional Guided Tour of Cambridge.

• A dinner at the Red Lion, Whittlesford on Sunday evening.

• Brunch in the Jubilee Pavilion.

As ever we are very grateful to those of you who were able to host and / or to help in any other way.

We continued to be present at local events and held a successful bric-à bric and bottle stall at the Village Weekend and raised some much needed money for our funds.   Tony Smith kindly hosted a barbecue in June, which was always a very pleasant occasion.  Some Twinners together with a few other villagers enjoyed a summery supper together to celebrate le 14 juillet. If you enjoyed it, we could consider a repeat performance this coming year.  We also held a stall at Shelford Feast and are hopeful that we may receive a donation, but I have heard nothing yet.

This week I have been in communication with the Twinning Committee in Villedômer. They are very much looking forward to receiving the 40 or so of us who have indicated that they will be participating, and we can expect an impressive programme or so I am told!

I would like to extend my thanks to Mary for her continued work on the Villedômer Garden and, of course, to all the members of the committee.  They all work very hard on our behalf.  A particular thanks goes to Louise for her consistently efficient contribution to the committee.

Finally, Vive le jumelage!

Jackie Bow

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