2016: Summary


Summary of 2016 by our Chair – Jackie Bow

Every year seems to be a busy year for Twinning or perhaps it’s just that time to pass at an ever-increasing rate. The year started well with an excellent Progressive Supper in January masterminded by Tony Hore.

This year it was our turn to entertain our visitors from Villedômer for the Twinning Weekend, so there was plenty of work for the Stapleford Committee. The hard work paid off and the 28 French visitors, their hosts and other members took part in a French/English quiz compèred by Erica Dawes on the first evening. A delicious supper was provided by Jean Hore and her team of chefs.  We had a very successful visit to Hampton Court and dinner at Madingley Hall, which our visitors enjoyed very much.

A small team of croupiers ran a casino for the Sawston Village College Leavers’ ball.

In the October half-term 8 French youngsters and 2 leaders from Villedômer visited us in Stapleford. It was a very successful few days due to the hard work of Jill Gardner to whom I am very much indebted. We had so few Stapleford youngsters able and/or interested in going to France either in the Summer or in half-term that there was no return visit. Of all that, more in Jill’s report.

After the very enjoyable Progressive Super earlier in the year, we planned to hold a Progressive lunch earlier this month. Unfortunately, we chose a day when most members were otherwise engaged, so this was postponed.

Earlier this month, some of the committee attended the Shelford Feast disbursement Evening and were delighted to receive a generous donation towards the Youth Visit.

Thoughts are being given to the Twinning Weekend which will take place 29 April – 1 May 2017. This will be our 38th year of Twinning, when it will be our turn to visit France.

Colin Jefferson does not wish to seek reelection to the committee, and he and Janet have decided not to renew their membership of the Association. In Colin’s absence, I should like to acknowledge his contribution hitherto, in particular his work on the website. May I extend my thanks to all the member of the small but extremely hardworking committee for all that has been achieved this year.

Vive le Jumelage!

Jackie thanked all the committee members for their continued hard work this year.

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